Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Health" Foods That Can Make You Fat

We all know that french fries and potato chips are not good for us. However, there are some surprising health food imposters that are actually not good for us at all. These foods with a healthy reputation can actually be worse for you than vending machines and fast food.

Dried Fruit. Cup for cup, dried fruit had 5 - 8 times more calories than fresh fruit. This is because the dried fruit has been hydrated and therefore is much denser. There are many brands that add extra sugar to add sweetness, but it also adds (a lot of) extra calories!

Granola. Granola does contain healthy nuts and oats. However, to make it taste good there is oil and sugar added. A bowl of granola can actually have more sugar than a can of coke.

Juice. Most juice is essentially water and sugar. A serving of juice can actually contain more calories and sugar than a can of soda.

Wraps. The surface area of a wrap is huge, more than 2 slices of bread. Therefore, if you add mayo and dressing, you will end up adding a lot more than compared to a regular sandwich.

Bottled Teas. Most ready-made store bought teas are packed with sugar, honey or sweeteners that add a lot of calories. This brings the calorie count almost to a bottle of soda.

Rice Cakes. While rice cakes are fat-free and low in calories, they do not contain fiber or protein - important ingredients that curb hunger. This goes to show that after your snack, you still make be craving something of substance. In addition, the flavored varieties are likely packed with sodium and sugar.

Salads. Yes, salads can be healthy. It's the cheese, croutons and dressings that can make salads unhealthy. This is when you salad sky rockets with calories and fat.

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