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Top Reasons to Smile

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Feeling down in the dumps? A simple solution is to smile! Yeah, it's not going to completely solve all of your problems, but it will help you feel better and offer health benefits.

Boost Your Mood
When you are in a bad mood, smiling may seem like the last thing you want to do. But studies show that even just making an effort to smile can improve your mood. Researcher Dr. Michael Lewis, PhD, of Cardiff University says that "emotions are felt through the whole body, not just in the brain." A study led by Dr. Lewis looked at participants who recently had botox injections. The participants were physically unable to frown due to the injections. They reported feeling happier and having less anxiety, probably due to their inability to frown. Smiling can trick your body into helping change your mood.

Makes You Look Younger
You don't need to waste your money on a face lift, just crack a smile! The muscles that are used to smile lift the face, which makes you look younger.

A recent study that was published in the journal of Psychology and Aging in which researchers asked people to guess the age of adult strangers in pictures.  People underestimated the age of the people who had a happy expression. Their age was more likely to be guessed of those who had a neutral expression on their face.

People Who Smile Are More Successful
Research has shown that people who smile may be more successful in the workplace and in relationships. People who smile appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted and are more approachable. When you smile, you will see that people act differently toward you. People are most likely to be successful due to their happiness.

Smiles Are Contagious
Our brains look for and respond to smiling faces, before we are even aware that we have responded. When someone smiles at you, you most likely always smile back. The opposite is also true, people usually distance themselves from people that frown or are unhappy.

Be Unforgettable
If you want to make a lasting impression, smile! The journal of Neuropsychologia published a study that shows that our brains are programmed to pay attention to people that are smiling.

Smiling Makes Us More Attractive
A study published in the journal of Emotion proved that a smiling face is more appealing, at least for women. Participants were shown pictures of face with many emotions and the smiling women were consistently rated more attractive. It is thought that smiling women appear to be more feminine, increasing attractiveness. Another thought is that smiling makes women appear more receptive, sexually.

On the flip side, smiley men do not have the same effect on women. Females were more drawn to the serious, brooding type of man. Either way, a smile draws people in.

Relieve Stress
When we are stressed, it shows in our faces. Smiling can help you from looking tired, worn out, and overwhelmed. So if you are stressed try to put on a smile, you should notice that your stress level is reduced.

Smiling Is A Natural Drug
Studies show that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. The three of these will leave you feeling very good.

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