Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easy Ways To Live Healthier

Now, if you read my previous post about how do healthy right, do you want to do it better? Read the list below to find out how to live even healthier, and it's easy!

Fight Cancer
Eat the peel. Most of the benefits of the apple are in the skin. The skin's of apples have the ability to inhibit growth of breast, liver and colon cancer cells.

Get a Good Night's Sleep
Smell lavender or rosemary. These scents can help you sleep better and lower your levels of stress hormones by up to 24 percent. People who smell lavender or rosemary are better at getting rid of free radicals, molecules that can accelerate aging and disease. I spray a lavender scent on my pillow every night and it does help me fall asleep faster!

Get a Healthy Smile
Kiss your partner. Kissing increases saliva in your mouth. Saliva cleans your teeth and gets rid of the bacteria that causes cavities.

Increase Muscle Strength
Stretch. You will increase flexibility as well as building strength. A study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine studied leg strength among 30 adults. The study showed those who did a series of stretches 5 days a week loosened up tight muscles and increased their joint range of motion. Also their hamstring and quadricep muscles became much stronger.

Keep Your Eyes Sharp
Eat eggs. Eggs are even better for your eyes than carrots. They are a better source of carotenoids that are eye-healthy antioxidants that benefit your retina which is crucial for central vision.

Keep Headaches Away
Have good posture. Forward head posture is when your neck protrudes forward and you have to lift your head up to see. This commonly happens while sitting in front of a computer. This compresses the nerves and muscles at the base of your skull which causes headaches. Sit up tall and make sure your ears are in line with your shoulders to prevent headaches.

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