Thursday, March 1, 2012

Metabolism Myths Busted!

We all know a girl that can eat whatever she wants without gaining a pound and that guy eats a large pizza with a 6 pack and his waist doesn't grow. While we may be envious of how "lucky" they are, is this because of genetics, luck or some sort of secret we don't know about? Many people blame their metabolism on their body size large, thin, round, bony, etc. However, here are some metabolism myths that have been busted!

Thinner people have faster metabolisms -
False! Actually thinner people have slower metabolisms since it takes less calories to maintain their weight. The more muscle that you have the more calorie you will burn. Add weight training to your exercise routine to give your metabolism a boost!

The more I sweat, the faster my metabolism is -
False! There are many other reasons to explain your excessive perspiration such as it is too hot in the gym, your clothes are not breatheable or you were just really working hard!

Men and women's metabolisms are the same -
False! Men have a higher basal metabolic rate which means at rest they burn more calories than women. This is because men have more lean muscle and larger organs. Women also have a layer of subcutaneous fat around their waist which burns less calories than muscle does.

As I get older my metabolism slows down -
False! Kind of. It isn't necessarily because of the number of your age. As we age muscle mass begins to decrease due to lack of exercise and deterioration. However, a woman's metabolism will decrease several years before a man's.

Spicy foods boost my metabolism -
False! There are not any foods that boost your metabolism. However, VERY spicy foods and green tea may give a temporary spike in your metabolism. This spike lasts about 30 minutes, is not permanent and will not speed up enough to promote weight loss.

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