Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick, Easy Tips to Get Ready For Swimsuit Season

Summer is just around the corner, it seemed to have snuck up quickly! That means we have to break out the swimsuit. Follow these easy steps to get ready.

Posture. Improve you posture and instantly improve the way you look. Improving your posture is the easiest way to look great and several pounds thinner. Bad posture takes inches off of your height while making your stomach look bigger. So keep your back straight and shoulders back.

Get moving. Start today! Every time you get moving, the results add up. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or park further away in the parking lot instead of going on the prowl for the closest spot. Every calorie you burn brings you closer to your goals.

Easy Exercises. To help get swim suit ready try these at-home exercise moves.

They are a great multi-tasker. With push-ups you target 6 major muscle groups at once: triceps, biceps, deltoids (shoulders), pectorals (chest), abs and gluteals (butt).
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Great for you butt and thighs. Keep your feet hip width apart,
keep your abs drawn in and you back flat for the perfect squat.
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Another great exercise for your butt and thighs as well as your core. Make sure your knee stays behind you toe while you are lunging to prevent knee injuries.
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Hold yourself in a push-up position
to get a killer core. Hold your plank
for as long as you can.
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Watch what you eat. That order of fries might sound good to you now, but it will not be so good to your waistline later. Go for a side of vegetables or fruit instead. You are not going to get swimsuit ready if you do not pay attention to what you eat.

Salads. While you are watching what you eat, you may opt for a salad. Salads can sometimes be deceiving though. When you add dressings, oils, bacon, cheese and croutons you are also adding a ton of extra calories and fat. Ask for dressing on the side and get healthy vegetables instead.

Reduce bloating.
  - Eat fiber. While fiber curbs you appetite, it also reduces constipation and bloating. Whole grains, 
    fruits and vegetables are great sources of fiber. Be careful not to add too much fiber to your diet
    too fast.
  - Skip salt. Salt makes you retain water and will leave you bloated for days.
  - Pass on the beer. Beer is bad news for your weight loss goals. Find out more.

Get glowing skin. Exfoliate to get glowing, smooth skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and leaves it looking (and feeling) soft. Moisturize everyday to fight off dryness.

Get a tan. No, this does not mean visiting your local tanning salon. Self tanners give results just as good as a tanning bed, without the health risks! My favorite is Jergens Natural Glow tanning lotion. It gives you color naturally, without looking fake.

Get a pedicure. This means guys too! It does not mean you have to spend money at a salon, you can give yourself a pedicure at home. Nobody wants to look at ugly toes.

Your swimsuit. Find the perfect swim suit for your body type to flatter your figure.

Have confidence. If you think you look good in your swimsuit, everyone else will too.

By taking these steps, your body will thank you.

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